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Over the years we've been lucky to travel across the country and visit many cultures, homes, and of course we've tried the food there haha. We currently spend 8 weeks a year in the PNW filming summer weddings for our amazing clients that we're privileged to call our friends after the wedding. 

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I'd like to be the first to admit that our career field isn't that special considering how advanced technology has become. However with that, here is what makes it different from holding up a phone or expensive camera. Our discovery process... 

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We usually start off finding out more about your wedding and what kind of film we're going to be making. We discuss who are the key characters in this narrative, what storyline we're going to be following, and what this film will focus on.  After we save the date is where the real work kicks in. A discovery meeting is what we come upon next

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We start diving into who you guys are, why is this wedding special to you, how has the past and why those stories influenced who you are as a couple today.  



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This is but a glimpse into our process, we'd love to talk all day about how we create the films and narratives we've become known for but we can save that for another day haha. Feel free to drop us a line, we can't wait to hear more about you guys and why deni domi films is for you :) 


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