Pricing for all day coverage is $2000 and includes a 3-7min highlight film. 

The Deni Domi Associate Package includes two seasoned Deni Domi associate cinematographers. These associates have been on many weddings with the founder Deni Domi, and by themselves countless times. They are trusted with the style and quality of the Deni Domi brand.

Your tailored film can be extended with any of the items listed below. Tell us what's most important to you and we can add them to your package.

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Book the starting package within the same month you inquire and receive an early bird discount on Raw Footage. Contact us for more info.

As much as we would all love to be at your wedding, we totally understand that each wedding has different priorities, and decisions to make. Hence which is why we created the associate package :)

Some of the things that are not included in the associate package, are the Deni Domi Narrative Creation Processes.

  • Planning from Deni himself (it's weird writing in the 3rd person).
  • Editing which will be completed by an in house editor, overseen by him for quality assurance. 
  • Deni Domi will not be on site of the wedding day or filming.

Our associates are able to take into account your needs and what's most important, and they will most definitely get everything you guys are hoping for :)

- FULL FEATURE (15-30 MINUTES*) - $1200

A separate film that dives further into your special day


We take all of the speeches from the reception and put them together into a single film

- SAME DAY EDIT - $1200

We put together a 1-2 minute film that is displayed for your guests to enjoy showing getting ready, up to the Ceremony.


For the trailer and full feature films, we take the best parts and include them. Instead of having a little bit, we can put together a whole Ceremony film for you to enjoy.

- LOVE STORY - $800

An engagement shoot, but at another level. We meet with you before your special day with your fiancé and capture how you met, and what it is you love about each other. 


We can cover your Rehearsal Dinner to capture more moments between family and friends before the big day! This is a total of 4 hours of coverage. 


Take your film to new heights with our Aerial drone cinematography! Stunning views and gorgeous sweeps of footage takes your wedding film from wow to WHOA.

- RAW FOOTAGE - $600

RAW footage includes all the clips from the wedding day, want to see every last bit on uncle bob getting funky on the dance floor? Yeah all here for ya. 


We hand select 25 stills taken by our cinematographers and have our friends over at Artifact Uprising print them on gorgeous 5x5 heavyweight paper.