Back in September 2009 at Rider University of New Jersey.  Derek and Carolynn had briefly seen each other a few times throughout their four years at Rider,  but they were both in relationships at the time. Out of chance, they sat next to each other in their hip hop class senior year.  Later that week Carolynn attended one of Derek’s house parties with a group of friends.  From that night on they were inseparable.

After five years of living together, they were getting ready to leave for their annual trip to New York City Christmas night.  Before leaving to get on the train, Derek got down on one knee and asked Carolynn to marry him.  They planned a beautiful beach wedding at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort, surrounded by all their loved ones.

The day of the wedding they were they liveliest people imaginable, filled with laughs and good times. When Carolyn was younger, she and her sister would at times butt heads. Most often around the subject of sharing. Now many years later, they have learned to share so well with each other. Watch in this amazing wedding film how this story is told on the night at Marco Island Beach Ocean Resort. This wedding film with have you in tears and in stitches!