Please read thoroughly before submitting!! 

Casting Director: Violet Holubowicz
Project Title: Comeback Kid
Email (For Submissions): 

Please email your headshot, resume and/or reel along with a 2 minute introduction and answer “Which character do you see yourself as in a boxing sports drama”. Please include which character(s)/roles you are submitting for. 

Company: Deni Domi Films -

The Crew: 
Director – Denis Dominguez 

Assistant Director – Brandon Gould
Director of Photography - Guillermo Fernandez
Cinematographer - Derek Kemp
Producer – Denis Dominguez, Andrew Ottolia
Production Sound Mixer: POSITION OPEN
Production Assistant: POSITION OPEN

Casting Info: 
Casting Dates: Video submission only by Jan 6th, 2016. If selected, you will receive an email with callback info. 
Callback Date: Jan 7th in Fort Lauderdale. 
Shoot Dates: Jan 7th-Jan 21st (Within this timeframe). 
Shoot Location: Broward/Miami Dade
Union: Non-Union

Type of Compensation: Non Paid (Compensation for SAG actors), IMDB credit, copy for reel. 

Jack is a hollow shell of a person who always agrees with everyone. One day he receives the brute of living such a life, and runs off only to be introduced to the world of boxing. With a passion to be accepted into this world, Jack will have to fight to become someone and at last become a well-rounded man. 
Genre: Sports Drama


Roxy: Female any ethnicity age: 17-28 years old 1-2 days

  • After her parents split 5 years ago, she's decided that there's no one she can trust. An alpha female, she doesn't follow what everyone else does, she's a leader. But somewhere deep inside she wants to trust someone again, that or hurt them like she's been hurt. 

Female Gym Boxers (Minor Role) Female, any ethnicity age: 17-28 years old 1-2 days

  • Various females boxers needed for 1-2 scenes. May or may not include dialogue.

School Alumni Female, any ethnicity age: 17-28 years old 1 day

  • One or tow lines of Dialogue for Pilot (will be more for EP.1-3)

Male Gym Boxers (Minor Role) Male, any ethnicity age: 17-35 years old 1-2 days

  • Various male boxers needed for 4-5 scenes. May not include dialogue.

Production Crew

Set Designer: Works with Director and DP to create or choose locations and sets for scenes.

Props Master: Responsible for procuring all props needed for scenes.

On set Production Sound Mixer: Responsible for all recordings on set of dialogue and ADR.

Boom Operator: Maintain Audio Equipment with PSM/Booming.

Production Type: Independent Web Series Pilot
Project length: Short Film (7-10min) 

Being in the Police Dept. for 15 years now, Jackson's father (Christopher) has been around the block and back. Educating his son but letting him explore the world at the same time.
Project Camera: Sony FS7 or Sony A7Rii
Project format: 16:9 4k
Project Goal: To obtain funding for Ep 1-3. Those who participate are guaranteed a paying role once production for Ep 1-3 begins.

This production is ideal for anyone with some to no experience looking to broaden their resume.



Currently we have King casted by Christopher Millan. Quite a few prospects for [COMPANY ROLES]

Currently searching for MOTHER and JACKSON role as a priority. We will be following our emails through-out the holidays. Please be sure to include video submissions if auditioning for any role. HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!

We are currently in the process of looking at boxing gyms to film in. If you are familiar with a location that would host our production, please tell us!

01.05.2017 Hello everyone! Great news! We recently brought on Jeff Malo as our General Producer for the show! Casting is 90% done, we are still looking for a couple minor roles however to fill in some last minute additions to the screenplay. If you or someone you know is looking to act, definitely share this with them!