Taking Social Media Marketing to the Next Level


Quality Content is the Name of the Game

Marketing through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Google Business has become a vital role in the survival and growth of businesses. The uses of billboards and print as a means of communication with target audiences are outdated and direct contact with potential customers are the new language of consumership . 

If communication is at the core of what consumers want, then content is your currency. Content is a dime a dozen in the world of social media- everyone has access to it and everyone can create it. The name of the game is producing high quality content. It has to entice and engage the audience in order to keep their attention for long enough to keep their interest in order to build a meaningful connection with them and encourage them to trust what your company stands for. 

Unfortunately, quality and quantity are not friends. High quality content takes time to produce and we get it- you've got a business to run. As a business owner, you've got to wear so many hats and putting the appropriate amount of time for content creation just doesn't fit your schedule. Let us wear that hat for you! 

Here at Deni Domi Films, we live, eat and breathe content creation and when we're not doing that, we're creating content about how much we love creating content. We put a professional and creative touch into all of our work, maintaining a clean look that stands out among the rest. 

We care about what we do, and who we do it for

When we take on clients, we take the time to get to know you, your brand and your vision for the future of your company. You are not just another client. You have a passion and a story you want to bring to the world and we're here to help you share that through photo and video in order to help you grow.

Why Invest in Video?

Content that is highly dynamic and interactive has been proven to gain the most engagement above copy and photo alone. Did you know that adding a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rates by 80%?  In addition, 83% of businesses who invest in video see a dramatic return of investment. 

For example, one of our clients benefited so greatly from our service that he stopped investing into magazine ads because our videos increased his product sales more than print ever had in the first 3 months of 

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